JDC BrandTruth is made up of a small network of highly experienced branding and marketing thought leaders and practitioners who come together to work on your branding strategy and roadmap, bringing it to life in a holistic and relevant manner for sustainable business growth.

As the Founder and CEO of JDC BrandTruth, I have had extensive local and global experience in branding and marketing with global and local brands like Kraft, Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Proton, Lotus and LeapEd.

As President of International Advertising Association (IAA) Malaysia, VP Development IAA ASEAN and a member of the World Board of IAA Global, JDC BrandTruth leverages its network of partners in the industry to build, nurture and execute successful branding inside and outside your organization.

What we believe in

A practitioners’ view of branding

“Three Quintessential Pillars Of Successful Branding.” – John D Chacko


At JDC BrandTruth we believe in the power of branding through seamless harmony and synergy of branding, marketing and the business, both within and outside the company.  This involves the engaging the Head,  Heart and Hand in harmony.

At JDC BrandTruth, we believe in the fundamental human truths about integrating branding, marketing and the business. Branding is the strategic domain of the business and marketing is in the operational domain. Together and in harmony with all functional entities, they create growth and sustainable success for the business. When the head which is about good strategic thinking and planning, the heart which is about how you connect and build lasting relationships with people within and outside the organization and the hand which is all about outstanding strategic execution, works in unison, it delivers measurable and lasting results.

All too often branding, marketing and communication resources are not effectively utilized because either the head is flawed in strategy or the heart is flawed in winning the hearts of people and or the hand is not effective in executing the brand promise.

At JDC BrandTruth, we believe in creating and growing brands that wins the hearts and minds of consumers and can create lasting memorable experiences through flawless strategic execution. It’s not how much you do that matters but why, what and how you do it. It’s about the strategic depth that leverages the human truths and not just tactical breadth of execution.

JDC Profile

A 35-year veteran in Branding  & Marketing with Kraft and Coca-Cola internationally across NZ, Australia, UK, Middle East, Africa, North America, Latin America and Asia.

Returned to Malaysia on Talent Corporation and worked for two Khazanah subsidiaries as CMO for Proton Holdings and CEO/MD for LeapEd Services.

Past President of the Australian Marketing Institute and Current President of the International Advertising Association (IAA) Malaysia, VP Development IAA ASEAN and IAA World Board Member.

Associate member of MINDA- Malaysian Academy of Directors and AICD- Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Founder &  CEO of JDC BrandTruth and Independent Non Executive Board Director and Advisor.