What We Do

We believe that strong healthy brands create strong healthy businesses. One of the fundamental assets of a business is its brand(s). The people and functions within a business are the operational levers that support the building of the brand(s) to create a strong a business.

“  The object of business is not to make money. The object of business is to create memorable brand experiences. The result is to make money and keep on making money.   ”

John D. Chacko

Brand Truths for the Board of Directors


Branding is a journey and it starts in the boardroom. The owner and custodian of a brand is the Board and senior management who have the ultimate responsibility and accountability for the most important asset of the business.

‘When a brand fails to deliver its customer promise, the stock price and market capitalization tumbles and the board needs to take  responsibility’

John D Chacko

The board has to internalize the brand truth and strategy if the company is to shape it and make it real to its consumers. The board must own the strategy because branding is in the strategic domain while marketing is in the operational domain.

The board and the senior management must internalize the brand architecture, its promise and the levers of strategic branding in order to inculcate this into the culture of an organization before embarking on brand building initiatives.

“Branding is Culture…Culture is Branding. They are inextricable”.

John D Chacko

JDC BrandTruth provides high level yet tangible branding education though talks on the truths about branding and the board of director’s role.

Brand Audit, Research, Analytics and Brand Strategy

It is important to understand the state and health of your brand before embarking on the branding journey. Where is our brand now in the minds of your people and consumers and where do we want it to be?

JDC BrandTruth undertakes fact-based quantitative and qualitative brand health research and audits to help the board and management to understand the current health of your brand and its growth opportunities.

Based on these findings and the strategic direction of the company, BrandTruth will develop a brand architecture, brand strategy and a strategic roadmap in collaboration with the board and key constituents of the company.

Marketing Strategy and implementation

JDC BrandTruth can develop the marketing strategy and plans with the key constituents in the company that is consistent with the agreed brand strategy. The extensive network of strategic  marketing and communications and digital specialist that is affiliated with JDC BrandTruth allows us to effectively and efficiently develop a robust marketing strategy and plan.

Should the company want to outsource elements of its marketing plan implementation, JDC BrandTruth is able to work with its network of partners in delivering this function.

Alternatively, the implementation can be undertaken by the marketing department of the company under the guidance of JDC BrandTruth.

Project management

JDC BrandTruth is experienced in project management of specific marketing initiatives. It can act as an extension of the marketing arm of the company allowing the company to focus its time and resources on other initiatives.


Digital transformation isn’t an overnight process. To be successful, client's need to be customer centric, with the right team and with a realistic, sustainable digital framework in place. Digital adoption has become essential for businesses to survive in today's information age. Many client's continue to struggle to get digital marketing and truly leverage digital technologies. Especially getting the right resource to implement it effectively.

Digital marketing has been an adjustment for many companies, this comes with variety of challenges from internal issues, the need for more dynamic media approaches and the pressure of keeping up-to-date with the constantly evolving space. At JDC BrandTruth, through its network of operational partners, we help brands better manage their digital adoption from online reputation management and digital marketing.


Brand Culture Inculcation

The most important constituent of your organization for successful branding is your people. Branding and culture are inextricable. A corporate culture that understands the promise of the brand and how to fulfill that promise in everything they do every day is fundamental to success.

JDC BrandTruth believes that everything communicates something about the brand.

The people within must be equipped to become internal ambassadors of a brand before seeking external ambassadors. Both the company and consumers must take ownership of the brand if it is to succeed and be sustainable.

JDC BrandTruth as part of the strategic branding roadmap will develop an internal brand inculcation strategy, plan and program to ensure that the brand promise starts from within.

Brand health tracking, monitoring and reporting

The health of your brand is as important as the health of the business. Just as the health of the business has performance metrics that measure success against budgets and targets, the brand has to have measures to determine if the strategy is moving the needle.

I have had international experience in managing the tracking of major global brands like Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite Dasani, Schweppes, etc. At JDC BrandTruth, we can develop statistically sound quantitative and qualitative tracking to determine the health of a brand and the progress of a brand against its intended destination. JDC BrandTruth believes that everything is measurable if the right Metrics are developed.


JDC BrandTruth believes that training and development of company corporate executives at various levels is an important step in successful branding and marketing.

Our seminars or workshops can be customized for the type of organization as well as the level of participants. This spans Board of Directors, C-Suite, Senior Management to early and mid-career staff in marketing and across the company.

This involves workshop style practical training in brands, branding and marketing and how it fits into the ecosystem of a company.

The training will span basic understanding of brands vs branding vs marketing to development of brand positioning, identity, vision, brand architecture, brand manifesto, research, brand health tracking to brand marketing and communications levers. This includes conventional methods of communications to the latest in digital marketing.