At JDC BrandTruth we believe that what others say is more important than what we say. Here's what others have to say about JDC Brand Truth's founder and CEO.

" Testimonials describe what has been, and are a promise of what is to come "

Ron Kaufman

Ed Doble

 Owner Principal Doble & Company Pty Ltd

Whilst heading up JWT, I worked closely with John, and can thoroughly recommend him for his experience, expertise and professionalism. He is a collaborative, creative thinker, who is strategically orientated with a high level of commercial savvy which makes him very results focused.

A team player with all stakeholders, at Kraft he reorganized marketing, sales and operations into category management teams, successfully creating a cross functional approach to delivering sustainable volume, share and profit growth. John is also good fun to be around.

Daniel Binns

I had the good fortune to have John as my client when I was at McCann and he was running the Middle East and North West Africa Division of Coke. He is a true integrated marketing specialist who can draw on extensive global experience to solve problems. He helped to turn around Coke’s core brands in Africa through a passion for advertising and by understanding the need to create advertising hubs across the region.

He is a brave marketer never scared to pioneer the new. He developed the first ever major celebrity campaign for Coke in the Middle East and North Africa which is still in use 7 years later. He built a truly respectful and collaborative relationships with his agency partners and always managed to get the absolute best from them.A great inspirational thinker who was a pleasure to work with.

Abraham Ninan

Group Director, Insights Capability Coca-Cola North America

He is the only person I know who has had the incredibly rich experience and opportunity of having worked in five continents (Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia).

That breadth of experience gathered from having lived and worked in numerous countries in each of those continents has been enriched by extensive travels to numerous markets as well in each of those continents.

As a result, he evaluates business opportunities and challenges with a seasoned eye and perspective.He is able to decipher common threads in business challenges across markets and distills difficult business issues into a strategic framework that then enables the development and execution of targeted strategies and initiatives.

He provided strong strategic marketing leadership to his marketing team. He helped provide some much needed strategic guidelines on marketing spending allocation between brand marketing, support marketing and promotional marketing investments.

He understood our franchise bottling system well and was grounded in the realities of operating in diverse and difficult operating environments, having worked for several years in our Company.

Eric Janvier

Co-founder & Chief Scientist at MINDLYTIX

I have worked with John on 2 very important and successful growth strategy projects in China and Japan. John is clearly a strong leader with unique abilities to drive senior and multifunctional teams towards business, market and consumer insight focus, high value strategic orientations and straight to the point commercial orientations.

Our job has especially been facilitated by his strong drive for building internal and external partnerships, his passion and hard work, as well as his great talents in understanding and motivating people.

Karen Chan

Chief Digital Officer, Pizza Hut Asia

John is a strategically minded boss with the strength of focusing on the immediate objectives without losing sight of the long-term vision. John is a great leader with the ability in building a strong team and motivating his subordinates to excel. Never short on humour and a pun, John is a fun and entertaining boss.

His global experience with Coke across so many continents and regions positon him to be a first class marketer with wide spectrum of knowledge base.

Tatsuo Kunimoto

President & Representative Director, Coca-Cola Japan

Working with John is fantastic experience. I always enjoyed working with him since he always inspired me with his plenty of experience in marketing and he always treat me fair. I have never met such a marketing executive who has amazing balance of ability of visionary, strategic thinking capability and the executing the project seamlessly with his experienced hands-on skills and the excellent collaborative team approach and people skills. I would not rather call his people skill as ” skill”, since his way of treating people is not based on the theory but seems like a born leader.

While having solid consumer, based marketing attitude, he is always accessible and reliable business leader and mentor whom all those who work with him are willing to communicate on honest base. John’s extraordinary balanced set of capability and skills always made it possible to accomplish the engagements with the company and customer even though subjects are sometimes very tough e.g. Deployment of Asia Pacific region wide consumer promotion managing procurement, marketing ,communication, terms etc.

Leslie D, Bailey M.Sc. FIH

Executive Restaurant Professional / COO McDonald’s Asia Pacific

I personally had the pleasure of working with John for almost five years, when I was the Senior Director and team leader, for McDonald’s Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa Region [APMEA] Menu Solutions Department.

Although working for different organizations, we regularly shared information / strategy and product driven best practices, in regards to beverage, so as to leverage our combined resources and meet the needs of our stakeholders within both McDonald’s and Coca Cola.

John is a naturally cheerful individual and a highly skilled marketer who understands how to build and run businesses profitably, combined with a truly global perspective he performs at the highest level, demonstrating strategic leadership and the ability to deliver against shared goals. I can, without reservation,recommend John to anyone whom might benefit from his advice and counsel in building a successful and sustainable business.

Daniel Greif

Principal / Trademark Attorney, Spruson & Ferguson Ltd

While I was Asia Pacific Trademark Counsel for The Coca-Cola Company, I had the distinct opportunity to assist John on legal trademark matters while he was acting as Asia Pacific Marketing Director. John demonstrated outstanding leadership skills by always providing clear instructions and objectives for the many projects he led. In addition, John had a strong understanding of trademark legal matters and challenges and was able to find winning business solutions for all of his projects that had trademark legal challenges.

John is one of the most professional, focused, and talented marketing managers with which I have worked and I have worked with many over more than 25 years. Finally, John is a personable individual that knows how to motivate people through positive motivation leading to outstanding results by his team members. I give John the highest of recommendations.

Petrina Coventry

Industry Professor, University of Adelaide

I worked with John while he was the Marketing Director for the South East and West Asia division of Coca-cola based in Bangkok. During this time, John established the marketing department with diverse and experienced talent who are now in senior roles across the company. John’s strengths are his visionary & strategic thinking, ability to operationalize & execute strategy, build sustainable strategic alliances and his collaborative team approach.

David T. Goerke

Vice President of Marketing, VF Corporation – Majestic Athletic

As Global Marketing Director of The McDonald’s Divsion I have had the privledge of working closely with John on many innovative initiatives ranging for The Beijing Olympics, to global Coca-Cola promotions with McDonald’s. John has done a terrific job setting up and empowering the TMD Asia Pacific Marketing Team calling on McDonald’s Asia Pacific Middle East and Africa.

In addition, John has diligently ensured that our TMD Atlanta marketing community has stayed close to his team so we can consistently provide John with learning from around the world, and gather his teams work as best in class examples as well.

John has a passion for the business and a knack for cultivating relationships to assist in helping build long term value for both the McDonald’s and Coca-Cola systems. John knows the importance of keeping up with consumer trends and marrying those insights to real world beverage solutions that can help both brands reach their objectives. I have enjoyed working with John on this fast paced dynamic business.

Oare Ojeikee

Marketing Strategist, Dangote Industries Limited

I worked with John from a distance when he oversaw the Nigerian operation as Division Marketing Director and later reported directly to him in the same role overseeing 28 countries in the North West Africa Division. John is a calm, detail-oriented Marketing professional and a great manager of people. John created a work environment that was result-oriented yet accommodating of different individual nuances, capabilities and cultures.

John provided strategic marketing direction and leadership to both Anglophone and Francophone African countries and easily won the respect of his team and the country managers he supervised. John’s global experience and solid marketing pedigree shows though in his strategic thinking and his knack for operationalizing strategy to deliver market place results, even in very tough environments, like he did in Africa.

Jawad Bisbis

VP International Marketing, FOCUS Brands

I worked for John both in Morocco an Egypt between 2003 and 2005 when he was Division Marketing Director for North & West Africa. John is a great people manager with robust leadership and strategic thinking skills. His amazing experience across different geographies and roles helps him grab the local cultural sensitivities and get the most out of his people.

He has an empathic style that enables him to harness the collective genius and make the right business decisions. He also empowers his people to lead while being there to coach and make strategic decisions when needed.To finish, John is a disciplined and thorough leader able to put in place the right organization, people and routines to successfully manage a business.

Radi Anguelova

VP Human Resources Europe, Ecolab

John is a passionate people champion. He manages the challenges of the business without losing sight of its most important assets. He has never sacrificed effort and investments in building capabilities. As a result, his team was ahead of the curve in terms of marketing expertise in the organization and became an exporter of talent to other parts of the business. Working with John has been a true inspiration.

Dato’ Dr. Lee Boon Hua

ESCM Member, Education Service Commission, Malaysia

I have the privilege, pleasure and honour of working with John in LeapEd Services Sdn. Bhd. (a fully-owned Khazanah subsidiary) between 2014 and 2016. One of the first things that struck me about John when he interviewed me for the job was his ability to articulate his vision and mission with crystal clarity. In the ensuing 24 months John proved true to his words. He was singular in purpose and pursued every goal with an appropriate and admirable sense of urgency and commitment.

More importantly he was able to harness the talents of the team that reported to him directly or indirectly through a clever blend of encouragement, support and coaching. His uncompromising emphasis on quality and high standards underscores his professional integrity. It has indeed been an enriching experience working with John Chacko. To me, he exemplifies the meaning of “suaviter in modo, fortiter in re”. A true leader.