1 June 2017

The 75-year-old International Advertising Association-Global, headquartered in New York, has honoured John Chacko, Past President and current Honorary Adviser of IAA-Malaysia, with the IAA-Global Inspire Award 2015.

At the IAA-Global Leadership Forum Gala Dinner 2015 in London on 18 May, Chacko was pleasantly surprised to learn that he was the only recipient from South East Asia.

Chacko, who is CEO and MD of LeapEd Services Sdn Bhd (a Khazanah Nasional Berhad company), said, “Indeed, this is an honour for Malaysia and is an attestation to the capabilities of Malaysians, more so the recognition being on the global stage”.

With attendees from 30 countries present during the event, the name LeapEd Services Sdn Bhd achieved instant global introduction during the citation for Mr Chacko

At the glittering ceremony, Faris Abouhamad, IAA-Global Chairman and World President, remarked, “ The IAA Inspire Awards is to recognise the movers and the shakers in the international advertising and marketing community who not only perform a high level of excellence to advance the association, but also make a difference in the worldwide arena of marketing communications”.

“I knew John from my agency days, back in the 90s. He was our client in his capacity as Marketing Director for Coca-Cola across Middle East and Africa. Our relationship was one of true Agency-Client partnership as he managed to flesh out the best out of agencies. As a result, a number of breakthrough holistic campaigns were developed, winning creative and effectiveness awards”, said Abouhamad after the ceremony.

As for his tenure at IAA-Malaysia, Abouhamad quipped, “John had continued the good work of the previous IAA-Malaysia leadership. While John was President, IAA-Malaysia was strengthened both strategically and financially. By coincidence, having known John for decades, it gave me extra pleasure, as Chairman and Global President, to bestow John the IAA-Global Inspire Award 2015.”

Chacko’s career in marketing and communications began in 1982, back in New Zealand.

First with Kraft and then with Coca-Cola, Chacko’s trek took him across the globe managing multiple regions from bases in Australia, United Kingdom, Venezuela, United States, Thailand, Morocco, Egypt and Hong Kong, amongst others.

After 35 years overseas, Chacko returned to Malaysia under Talent Corp’s ‘Returning Expert Programme’. Through Khazanah Nasional Berhad, Chacko was first placed at Proton Holdings Berhad as Group Chief Marketing Officer and now at LeapEd Services Sdn Bhd as Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director.

“LeapEd is revolutionising education. Transforming the learning experience of young Malaysians, and, sharpening the teaching and leadership expertise and qualities of teachers and school leaders, is an ongoing and fulfilling journey. Personally, I find the challenge a humbling experience, said Mr Chacko after having received the award.


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